In-Home Computer Repair & Technical Training within the Tri-Cities

Need some help with that?

Available for remote help during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many issues can be resolved this way.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Call, text or e-mail Matt for details.


Computer not booting up as fast as it used to?

Want to learn a few things?  I can help!  Always at fair and reasonable rates.


Services _
  • Networking – home office / business

  • PC support & installation

  • Hard drive back up

  • ​Data recovery

  • ​Remote support

  • ​Smart phone support

  • ​PC/Mac repair

  • ​Consulting

  • IT solutions

  • ​Training

  • Internet security


A Bit About Us _

With my experience in computer repair and training, and a love for all things geek, let me be the solution to all your tech problems. Home & small business networking, computer repairs, back up, data recovery... Whatever your tech issue is, I've got you covered.


I know how intimidating your computer can be, so let me help. Why spend your day trying to solve your tech problems when I can get you back up and running in no time?  Call KW Computer Care!  Let Matt do the work so you can kick back and enjoy.

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