In-Home Computer Repair & Technical Training within the Tri-Cities
Tune ups _

Slow or unresponsive laptops and desktops are easily remedied with a tune up. Clearing up disk space, keeping your hardware drivers up to date, and even an internal cleaning can all be excellent ways to preserve your investment and enhance your home computing experience.

Virus/Spyware Removal _

Is your computer slowing down, acting erratically or simply not acting right? You may have a virus, spyware or malware infection.

If you suspect this is the case on any of your home computers, our technicians are ready to flush them out and get you back up to speed.

Printer Setup _

Whether you need a simple home printing setup, a wireless printer to integrate with your home network, or even multiple printers for your home, we can make the process as painless as possible.

Home Network Setup _

If your home has a number of computer users, our home network setup service is a great way to streamline it and helps your users get more out of your home computer experience.


Computer Training _

Hands-on, in home computer training.

Learn how to use your computer or devices more efficiently, whether it's learning how to transfer pictures from your camera, or how to use social media, we can show you how with patient, easy to understand tutoring.

Home Entertainment _

Do you have a smart TV but aren't sure how to use it to it's full potential?  We can help with setup and configuration.

We also can help setup various streaming devices such as Apple TV and Roku boxes.